Mom Surprises Family By Turning Boring Backyard Deck Into Colorful ‘Outdoor Restaurant’

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Wanting to surprise her kids, Cassandra Aarssen had the idea to transform her backyard space into a fun area her whole family could enjoy.

“Everything I purchased was from the dollar store,” the mom said about her secret project.

Cassandra started by first putting up a canopy on the deck before setting out the table and chairs. To add a pop of color to the backdoor space, she set out pink, blue, and green place mats, as well as fake flowers in planters from the dollar store.

She then used bright plates and napkins for the place settings, and cute lanterns that matched everything on the table.

“I love that it’s so, so, so bright,” Cassandra said. “Inside, my house is really dull and boring colors, so out here it’s so fun to go crazy!”

Another little detail of her new backyard deck is the topiary in the corner. While it looks like it may be from a home decor store, she actually made it herself — and it only cost $2!

To “bring the inside out,” Cassandra installed a gorgeous blue chandelier — the only item not from the dollar store. But just because it didn’t cost a dollar doesn’t mean it was a fortune. Cassandra explained that she had the chandelier lying around and transformed it using spray paint.

“I spent $10 on it at a local thrift store,” she said about the light fixture. After rewiring the light to add a plug, she spray-painted the chandelier a nice blue to match her color scheme — and the whole project cost her under $20.

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