Divorced Single Mom Has Never Worn Makeup Before, After Makeover She Looks Unrecognizable

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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A makeover can be a very therapeutic experience.

Changing your appearance shouldn’t always be your go-to when you’re feeling sad, but it can make a person feel brand new if done right.

It is understandable that after getting a divorce, easily one of the most difficult things someone might go through, a person would want to start over. And what better way than to get a makeover?

In a vintage clip, the Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, gives three lucky ladies brand-new looks. All the women are divorced and happier because of it!

Christopher works with the women in this video to help boost their confidence and the results are fantastic! One single mom had never worn makeup until she got her makeover.

If you want to see more of Christopher Hopkins’ work, you can check out his Facebook and YouTube. You can also read Staging Your Comeback, which is still a best seller after eight years!

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