Divorced Mom Of Two Proud Of 18-Year Marriage Despite Having Over 3 Decades Between Them

by Amy Paige
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Back in 2000, a 17-year-old trainee youth worker named Jay met a council youth worker named Linda. Linda was a divorced mother of two living in the United Kingdom.

Jay took driving lessons from Linda, and during their car rides they bonded over their shared love of music.

Despite their 34-year age gap, Jay asked Linda to go on a date. He was the same age as one of her sons. She was about 10 years older than his parents.

By this point, Linda had been divorced for five years, and her kids were grown up. She decided to take a chance.

After a yearlong connection, Jay and Linda got married in July 2001.

At first, their families were completely shocked by the idea.

They were scrutinized in public, and most of the time, people assumed she was his mother and not his romantic partner.

As you’re about to see, it’s been nearly 20 years, and the UK couple says their love is stronger than ever, and so is their marriage.

Jay, now 36, and Linda, now 69, continue to defend their relationship and have a lot to say to those who criticize their over 30-year age gap.

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