Couple Is Unhappy In Their Marriage So They Check Into A Hotel That’s Famous For Divorce

by Amy Paige
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Blake and Stevee Tiernan tied the knot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in October 2008. They were young and in love.

Ten years of marriage and two kids later, Blake and Stevee Tiernan knew their relationship was nearing the end of its rope.

Stevee had had enough of Blake’s nonstop work schedule, and the romantic spark had fizzled out somewhere along the way.

However, their goal was to remain friends and continue raising their children as co-parents.

In an effort to separate in a positive way, Blake and Stevee decided to check into the “DivorceHotel” at the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa in Saratoga Springs, New York.

It’s place known for welcoming married couples… and then seeing them leave as single people.

According to its website: “At DivorceHotel you can choose from an office divorce, a hotel divorce over a weekend, or an online divorce. All solutions are based on our ‘hotel philosophy’ which means that everything takes place on neutral territory, in a relaxed environment with all kinds of comforts and facilities at your disposal. We will never treat you as a client but rather as a VIP guest. Allow us to serve you, and to support you, in settling your divorce in as positive a way as possible.”

Three days later, Blake and Stevee checked out of DivorceHotel. In the video below, see what happened during their stay — and if the program did its job.

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