Diver Notices Enormous Tiger Shark Circling Him, Then He Bravely Holds Out His Hand

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

Sharks are truly incredible animals. Although they can be incredibly dangerous, they are actually magnificent creatures.

There are over 500 species of sharks, ranging in size from just over 6 inches to 40 feet. Some of the most well-known species of these apex predators include the great white shark, the hammerhead shark, the thresher shark, and the tiger shark.

The tiger shark is a particularly fascinating animal. They can grow up to 16½ feet in length, and they eat almost anything. Tiger sharks have a range of prey, including fish, birds, seals, turtles, dolphins, and even other tiger sharks.

After great whites, tiger sharks have the most recorded fatal attacks on people. Approaching them one-on-one definitely isn’t recommended — which makes what this diver did even more insane.

In the video below, watch aerial footage of a tiger shark approaching a man. The diver, who was swimming off the French Polynesia island of Moorea, saw the tiger shark while he was underwater. Instead of trying to avoid the enormous animal, he reached out his hand to pet it.

The giant sea creature didn’t shy away from the diver; instead, it swam right into the diver’s hand. They shared a special moment underwater.

Watch the stunning video below to see the incredible encounter. What would you do if you saw a tiger shark while swimming in the ocean?

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