Diver Sticks Entire Arm Into Coral Tube, Pulls It Back Out With Octopus Coiled Around Hand

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

We’re all used to seeing people fish with a rod or a net. But one diver takes catching an octopus to a whole other level.

The man in the clip below, posted on August 9, 2017, has been catching octopuses for years, but he doesn’t do it with a net. Nope, he uses his bare hands!

In Limassol, Cyprus, the man places his waterproof camera in front of a coral tube. Then he holds onto the top of it. After that, he blindly plunges his right hand into the tube.

Black ink squirts out of the top as he wiggles his hand around — a sure sign that there is an octopus lurking inside.

Seconds later, he pulls the eight-tentacled animal out of the coral tube and shows off his treasure to the camera. It’s absolutely amazing how he was able to grab onto the octopus and pull him out in under 10 seconds — talk about major talent.

The snorkeler isn’t the first person to be great at catching animals with his hands.

This dad was able to catch a giant fish using just his bare hands. This fearless mom used just her hands and a pillowcase to wrangle a huge snake that was in her house.

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