Disney Is Now Offering A Bi-Monthly Princess Subscription Box, And It Looks Absolutely Magical

by Kim Wong-Shing
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There is a subscription box for everything these days — makeup, fitness, even dog toys. And now, there’s also a subscription box for Disney princesses, straight from the Disney shop itself.

Because Disney princess lovers deserve a bi-monthly surprise in the mail, too.

The box comes in two options: basic and deluxe. Each box includes a unique selection of princess-themed goodies, and each month has a different princess theme. The first month is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

The subscription starts at $50 per box, so it’s not exactly cheap, but it comes with some stuff that will make your child (or you, no judgment) squeal. A princess dress, a letter from a princess, stickers, “princess activities,” and a read-along storybook.

If you spring for the deluxe version, you’ll also get a video greeting from a princess and two to three additional toys and accessories.

The subscription lasts for up to a year and includes six boxes, each for a different princess. More on this magic below!

The Disney shop just unveiled its latest offering: a princess subscription box.

Every other month for a year, subscribers will receive a princess-themed box of goodies in the mail. The first month is Belle-themed.

And each box includes a princess dress, storybook, stickers, activities, and a letter from a princess. Prices start at $50 per box for the “basic” subscription.

If you order the “deluxe” subscription for $75 per box, you’ll also get a few extra goodies with each delivery, including a video greeting from a princess and extra toys.

There are six boxes total, and each one is themed for a different princess.

There’s Cinderella, OF COURSE.

And there’s also a new favorite, Moana.

As well as Ariel, Aurora, and Jasmine.

If you don’t want to commit to a year-long subscription, you can also buy a six-month subscription instead, but then you get only three boxes.

There’s also a lot of other adorable stuff in the Disney shop that’s worth taking a look at!

Including some items for princesses that won’t be featured in the subscription boxes, like this Princess Tiana ornament.

Or these Mulan costume accessories.

And if you’re too old for the child-sized goodies in the subscription box but you never really got over your Disney obsession, there’s plenty of merchandise for adults, too.

Also, there’s this, if you have a wee baby who can’t yet object to being dressed up like Stitch.

And if you or your child is not into the cutesy or princess stuff AT ALL, you could always buy this infinity gauntlet from The Avengers.

Clearly, there’s something for everyone!