Here’s Everything To Know About Disney+ And Here’s How To Sign Up For A Free Trial

by Angela Andaloro

We’ve been hearing so much buzz about Disney+ that it’s hard to believe the new streaming service is here at long last.

Disney is coming out with its all-access streaming platform 82 years after audiences first got caught up in the magic with the debut of Snow White. Rest assured, all of your Disney favorites from yesteryear will be available when the platform launches on November 12.

This move is big for fans who want access to all things Disney, but it’s even bigger for the company itself. The launch of Disney+ marks the beginning of a new era for the entertainment magnate, bringing content into homes more directly than ever before while keeping up with the craze around other services, like Netflix and Hulu.

If you’re anxious to see what Disney+ has to offer, you’re not alone. Here’s what you can expect from the streaming service and here’s where you can sign up for your free trial now!

Since the days we first fell in love with streaming, people have been anxiously awaiting the moment that a platform would make all of Disney’s rich content available from the comfort of our homes.

Those who have long awaited this moment will be rewarded with access to virtually the entire Disney vault, courtesy of its new streaming platform. Disney+ launches on November 12, and it promises to bring a massive amount of content right into your home.

The service will launch in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. Disney will expand service to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain on March 31, according to recent announcements.

The service costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 for the year. There’s also a $12.99 a month bundle that allows you to get Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu with ads. You will be able to stream Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ all at the same time on different devices.

Sign up here and start your free trial!

When it comes to what Disney+ will feature, it’s hard to wrap your head around just how much content will be available. There are all of your favorite live-action Disney films, like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

It will also debut some new live-action films in the vein of the recent slew of live-action remakes of animated favorites. The newest rendition of the classic Lady and the Tramp will be available on launch day.

All of Marvel’s films will be featured on the platform, including the release of Captain Marvel on launch day. A lot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s phase four will find a home on the platform, with series like The Falcon and the Winter SoldierLokiHawkeye, and WandaVision.

There’s a lot in the works for Star Wars fans. The classic films in the space saga will all be available. The Mandalorian is a new series that will be available day of launch. The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is in the works, as well as a Rogue One prequel series and the rumored Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

Fans of The Simpsons seriously hit the jackpot. All 30 seasons of the show will be available on Disney+, and that in itself is enough to keep you busy binge-watching through the end of the year and beyond.

Your Pixar favorites are also coming to the platform, with two new offerings available from day one. Forky Asks a Question and SparkShorts will go live as soon as the platform does, joining classics like Monsters Inc. and Toy Story.

When you’re talking about animated classics, have no fear. The entire Walt Disney Signature Collection will be available at launch, including your favorites like Aladdin, Bambi, and The Little Mermaid.

Don’t forget about Disney Channel series and Original Movies! There will be 5,000 episodes of Disney Channel content and 100 Disney Channel Original Movies available at launch. There are also exciting things that Disney is working on for the future, such as the new Lizzie McGuire sequel series.

If you’re wondering at what exact time you can start streaming all your Disney favorites, we’ve got you covered. The service will go live at 3 a.m. PST, 4 a.m. MST, 5 a.m. CST, 6 a.m. EST, 7 a.m. AST, 11 a.m. GMT, and 12 a.m. CET.

You’ll be able to watch Disney+ on a wide variety of devices. It will be available on Android, AppleTV, Chromecast, Fire TV, iOS, LG Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, web browsers, and Xbox One.

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