Disabled 1st-Grader Is Stranded On First Day, Then School Tells Mom ‘There’s No Bus For Him’

by Amy Paige
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Kayden Kinckle was born with omphalocele, a birth defect in which internal organs are outside the body.

When he was still inside the womb, his umbilical cord tightly wrapped around his legs and feet, resulting in deformity.

Shortly after he was born, Kayden underwent several abdominal surgeries. Doctors eventually amputated his right foot and left leg.

Six months later, Kayden took his very first steps with the help of his new walker and prostheses.

Doctors said it was unlikely Kayden would survive much longer. However, he proved the medical team wrong and surpassed all expectations.

His inspiring story has even turned him into something of an internet sensation.

Recently, Kayden started first grade. He couldn’t wait to get there and make new friends on his first day — but the bus never came to pick him up.

Kayden’s mom Nicole drove him to school and started calling the school incessantly. She was furious when no bus came for her son after school, either.

The school district is required to provide busing, and because of Kayden’s disability, he needs a lift to help him onto the bus.

Nicole left voicemails at the school all week until she was finally able to speak with someone. She was told they would find a solution, even if it was temporary.

But the next day? Still no bus! And no explanation from the school administrators or the bus company.

Now the angry mother is fighting back on behalf of her strong and determined son.

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