Disabled Duck Finally Gets To Waddle Thanks To Specially Designed Wheelchair

by Caralynn Lippo
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A very special duck recently received a very special, downright life-changing gift.

Merlin is a domestic duck who was adopted by the Goats of Anarchy sanctuary in Annandale, New Jersey, last November.

The little guy was born with a birth defect in his left leg that rendered him immobile.

Intent on helping Merlin gain the ability to waddle like every other duck, the sanctuary reached out to Walkin’ Pets, based in Amherst, New Hampshire. The company, founded in 2001, creates and fits disabled pets with specially designed wheelchairs.

Typically, the engineers at Walkin’ Pets fit wheelchairs for cats and dogs, who are more commonly counted among household pets.

But the company modified its existing mini-wheelchair model to accommodate the disabled duck.

“I was thrilled my company was able to help a handicapped duck, our first one ever,” founder Mark Robinson said, according to the Daily Mail.

Merlin finally got fitted with his specially designed new wheelchair in February, and his first time waddling was caught on camera by Mikayla Feehan, the social media coordinator for Walkin’ Pets.

“Watching [Merlin] take his first steps was really cool. Once he was all rigged up, it was truly amazing,” Mikayla said. “It’s not every day you get to see animals take their first steps. The wheelchair can go into water [but] we would just recommend avoiding salt water to keep the wheelchair in tip top shape. Since its beginning, the company has produced more than 50,000 wheelchairs for disabled pets all over the world.”

“To see Merlin taking his first steps in that wheelchair really warmed my heart,” she continued.

Check out the special moment yourself by watching the video!

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