Disabled Dad Secretly Plans Gift For Daughter And His Prescription Bottle Circulates On Twitter

by Amy Paige
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Texas family Jim Porterfield was seriously injured by a drunk driver in 1981 and was told he may never walk again.

He still managed to raise four children and keep the bills paid.

But Jim was recently laid off from the full-time job he held for 30 years — and because of his impairments, he’s had a difficult time finding another one. Making matters worse is the fact he won’t be eligible for Medicare until 2020.

In the midst of his hardship, the disabled dad has been secretly saving up his spare change and collecting it in a prescription pill bottle.

Jim wanted to give his daughter Morgan a simple yet truly meaningful gift.

“As some know my dad is mentally and physically handicapped and so especially now that he’s older he’s unable to work or earn an income but he’s been saving his pocket change for the past month for some reason and I thought nothing of it til I came home from work to this today,” Morgan wrote on Twitter.

The gift, which you’ll see in the clip below, also helps to raise awareness about the high costs of treatment for disabled individuals.

Morgan and her sister Krista set up a GoFundMe page for their doting dad. “Due to all his medical conditions, his bills have always been quite staggering,” Krista says.

The goal was surpassed in just 24 hours. Thanks to the GoFundMe page and media coverage, Jim’s family was able to purchase a new recliner and brace custom-made specifically for his leg.

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