The Way You Hold Hands Reveals Secrets About Your Relationship

by Angel Chang
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For most human beings, relationships are one of our most fundamental needs.

Whether it’s the bond we have with our spouses, our partners, children, or good friends, the quality of our relationships very often determines the quality of our lives.

There are so many ways to decipher what your actions may say about you or your more intimate relationships, like the secrets your kissing style with your partner may reveal.

But there are definitely subtler signs you can look at to understand more about your relationship.

In an exclusive look below, we run through some of the most common ways to hold hands in a relationship.

Not only is hand-holding a very essential and fundamental part of any relationship, it is also reveals quite a lot about what you feel for the person you’re with.

Scroll further to see all the different types of ways you can hold hands with your beloved, and let us know how you hold hands in the comments below!

1. The Down-Facing Palm

Different ways to hold hands
LittleThings/Heeral Chhibber

This is perhaps one of the most commonly seen handholds out there.

The explanation goes that whoever has their palm facing downward typically takes on a more dominant role in the relationship.

This is often interpreted as a protective stance. Many men tend to do this, especially if they’re holding their partners’ hands while crossing the road, or weaving through busy intersections.

2. The Interlocked Fingers

Different ways to hold hands
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Couples who typically interlock all of their fingers while holding hands tend to have a deeper connection.

They have clearly surpassed mere physical attraction toward one another, and feel profoundly for each other on a more substantial level.

With this handhold, the partners are showing that they care for one another immensely, and that they are comfortable with being quite vulnerable and honest with each other at times.

3. The Finger Grab

Different ways to hold hands
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When your partner leads you by a few fingers, this can mean a few things for your relationship.

You are both independent, spirited people, with your own passions and interests outside of the relationship.

Most likely, you both enjoy your alone time and strive to maintain your individuality — but at the end of the day, you share a strong and confident connection.

4. The One-Finger Handhold

Different ways to hold hands
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The one-finger handhold is an extremely relaxed, casual way to hold hands with your partner.

And while this may not seem as “intimate” as a handhold with interlocked fingers, this type of handhold is actually quite romantic and playful.

Most of the time, you may find that your partner is linking up one of your fingers to be flirtatious.

5. The Over-The-Shoulder Lock

Different ways to hold hands
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Similar to the interlocking fingers handhold, this position brings you and your partner very close together, thereby creating a lovingly intimate bond.

It goes beyond just a “handhold,” however. In this stance, your partner is wrapping their body around you, making for a very protective, yet casual gesture.

If you’re the one whose arm is wrapped over the shoulder, that means you take pride in your relationship, and that you would selflessly defend your partner from any dangers.

6. The Passive Handhold

Different ways to hold hands
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In this handhold position, you are gently, but firmly, cupping your partner’s hand in yours (or vice versa).

Neither one of you is clingy in the relationship, and you both have well-established ground rules and boundaries.

This is a great way to add some tenderness and sweetness to your relationship, but doesn’t go overboard with showy and inappropriate affection.

7. The "My Lady"

Different ways to hold hands
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This is the most regal handhold of them all. Often seen in wedding photographs, it demonstrates vitality in the relationship, but also a firm, mutual protectiveness.

The woman’s hand may be “perched” atop her partner’s hand, making it look small and dainty — but strong.

The two of you have a very healthy, respectful bond, one that is founded on trust and adoration.

8. The Relaxed Lace

Different ways to hold hands
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This handhold is perhaps the most “confident” one out there. This just means that you and your partner trust each other very much, and that you have both come to a point in your relationship where you’re both emotionally stable.

While this is outwardly a relaxed handhold, it gives you an opportunity to intimately caress your partner’s hand, and to pull them toward you passionately.

9. The Wrist Grab

Different ways to hold hands
LittleThings/Heeral Chhibber

On the surface, this handhold might come off as a little more aggressive, needy, or overly assertive.

None of that is true — on the contrary, you are not only intertwining your hands, you are also interlocking the bottom half of your arms.

This only makes the handhold even more intimate and passionate, and the “need” to be around each other more urgent.

How do you hold hands in your own relationship?

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