Big Dachshund Is On A Strict Diet, But He Can’t Contain Himself When Asked To Eat Carrots

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Eating healthy can be so hard.

Sure, fruits and veggies can be just as good as their carb-heavy counterparts, but when we’re on a diet, and eating nothing but, they can get a bit bland.

I think we’ve all reached that point when we get fed up with the rabbit food and just want to eat something sweet, greasy, or butter-slathered.

To some, this can happen after weeks or months of disciplined eating; for me, it happens after about a day.

And apparently this feeling isn’t exclusive to humans — dieting dogs can also get fed up with their food.

This is what happened to the poor pudgy dachshund Obie in the video below. 

Obie was put on a strict diet to lose weight and was very unhappy with the changes in his food. 

The clip shows the poor pooch in the throws of diet frustration.

When asked to eat his carrots, Obie not only refuses, he whines and throws a bit of a fit.

Every time he’s asked, he gets more agitated — why would he want to eat carrots when there are plenty of other yummy snacks he could enjoy?

We definitely feel for the dieting dachshund, check him out down below if you are also frustrated with your healthy eating streak.

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