He Fills A Diaper With Water. The Reason? You Won’t BELIEVE Your Eyes!

by Scott Neumyer
Scott Neumyer is a journalist, photographer, and bacon lover from central New Jersey.

I may not exactly have what you might call a “green thumb,” but I do like to do a little yard work, pot a few plants, and help my wife beautify our yard in the summer.

That being said, I’m always on the lookout for cool garden hacks that can make life a little easier when dealing with multiple plants and flowers.

That’s where “The King of Random,” Grant Thompson comes in. We’ve shared plenty of Thompson’s awesome life hack videos before, and he always has some cool, new way of doing something around the house that I’ve never thought of before.

In this video, Grant shows his viewers how to use old diapers (yes, he even says they can be slightly used, though we’re not sure “slightly used” is even applicable to a diaper because… eww…) to create an eco-friendly, inexpensive garden super gel that will cut your watering schedule down considerably, help your plants and flowers lasting longer, and help grow seeds in the most simple way possible.

The coolest thing about this life hack? It’s incredibly simple to do! All you’ll need to do is take an older diaper, place it inside of a large bowl, and fill it with water. Now, you parents out there probably know that diapers can soak up a ton of liquid. Grant, for instance, fills this one with over 4 cups of liquid.

Once the water is fully absorbed by the diaper, you’ll take the diaper and rip it open to expose the water-soaked “hydro gel” that’s inside. Grant uses blue-colored water (made with food coloring) in his video so it’s easy to see, but you can use just plain old H2O.

Take that gel substance and dump it into the large bowl, add a little bit more water, and mix it up with your hands. Now you’ve got the gel ready to go.

If you want to use the gel for your plants, you just add equal parts of potting soil and gel in a large bowl before using it as a super-efficient hydro-gel-enabled potting soil. Then you would just use it like any other potting soil to plant with.

In the video, you’ll see how Grant also shows several other uses of the gel, including a trick to make fresh flowers last longer and even how to create your own improvised ice packs with colored gel inside.

This is an awesome life hack that can be used for many different applications. I know, for instance, that I’m absolutely going to make some of those cool ice packs. What will you use Grant’s super-gel for?

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