11 Totally Adorable Diaper Cake Ideas To Give To Expecting Moms

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Have you ever heard of a diaper cake before? Diaper cakes are the newest rage for baby showers.

So many things are constantly running through an expecting mother’s head. It doesn’t matter whether or not she’s a first-time mom. It’s always stressful, wonderful, exciting, and a whole slew of other adjectives when a baby is on the way.

One of the stressful parts of expecting a baby is figuring out how to afford the costs of everything. I know it’s a bit taboo to talk about money, but in a situation like this, it’s a very real concern for the bulk of new parents.

Every little bit can help, and baby showers are great partially for that reason. Yes, it is a lovely celebration of the creation of a new life, but it’s also an opportunity for friends and family to help out with the supplies — in a creative way.

One of the most expensive things a baby needs? Diapers. The sheer amount that a baby goes through really does add up after a while. But who wants to just receive a package of diapers? That’s no fun… unless you dress them up a bit as a diaper cake creation!

While you might think your gift has to look like a traditional cake, it can actually take on many forms. You can make a motorcycle diaper cake, an owl diaper cake, diaper cakes for boys, diaper cakes for girls — there are enough DIY diaper cake ideas for everyone!

These 11 lovely and creative ways to give diapers to expecting mothers may just make them one of the sweetest gifts of all.

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Thumbnail source: Wikimedia Commons / Coop41

1. Diaper Castle

ways to gift diapers castle

What new mom wouldn’t want to receive a little castle made of diapers for her new little prince or princess?

2. Diaper Carousel

ways to gift diapers carousel

What a sweet idea for a gift to give new parents when they’re about to embark on the most emotional carnival ride of their lives: parenthood.

3. Diaper Stork

ways to gift diapers stork

Instead of a stork bringing the baby to the doorstep in a diaper, the stork is the diapers.

4. Diaper Elephant

ways to gift diapers elephant

Honestly, who doesn’t love elephants? This cartoonish-looking diaper elephant is enough to make even the grumpiest grouch smile.

5. Diaper Superhero Display

ways to gift diapers superhero

Just roll a bunch of diapers up and display them on a board with some adorable superhero accessories for a simpler, more subdued effect.

6. Diaper Tricycle

ways to gift diapers tricycle

This little man riding a tricycle sure does look like he’s having a ton of fun — more fun than I thought possible with diapers involved.

7. Diaper Carriage

ways to gift diapers carriage

The animal accents on the wheels are just about too much to handle.

8. Diaper Airplane

8. Diaper Airplane

The baby who wears these diapers may just end up being a world traveler!

9. Diaper Guitar

ways to gift diapers guitar

This guitar stuffed with diapers is great for any parents who hope their baby girl or boy will grow up to love music as much as them!

10. Diaper Wreath

ways to gift diapers wreath

I never knew that diapers could become so beautiful. What a wonderful addition to any baby shower!

11. Diaper Barbecue Grill

ways to gift diapers grill

This baby better like ribs — or at least some grilled veggies!

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