Mom Buys Pack Of Baby Wipes, Then Points Out Weird Black String Wrapped Around Lid

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Every mom has a few tricks up her sleeve to make the whole parenting process a little bit easier.

Now, one mom is sharing her signature diaper bag trick with the world, and stressed-out parents everywhere are tuning in!

Liz, a professional face painter and mom to a newborn, created an awesome strategy for dealing with even the most distressing diaper accidents.

This crafty mama took an extra-large box of baby wipes and totally transformed them into a seriously efficient addition to her diaper bag.

You can pack a lot into one of the jumbo containers, and still have plenty of room left in the bag to practice your outfit-packaging moves.

Honestly, it’s parenting hacks like this that make all the difference between “keeping it together,” and “having a meltdown at the grocery store over a poop explosion.”

If you know a few parents who would love to copy this diaper bag trick, scroll through below to see how it’s done!

You can see more from this enterprising mom on her Facebook page, The Painted Dragon.

Liz, a mom who shares awesome face-painting ideas on her page The Painted Dragon, recently posted her idea online, where it quickly went viral.

Her diaper bag hack has been shared more than 43,000 times on the social media website.

Lots of other parents have also tuned in with thousands of comments and suggestions about the tutorial, and different ways to use the tactic.

Liz takes would-be crafters through the process step-by-step. The first picture simply shows a closed box of jumbo-sized baby wipes.

In her caption on the post, she notes, “I have to share this really cool diaper bag hack I accidentally discovered…I’m pretty sure I have a few moms following that could use this.”

She notes that, at first glance, it just looks like an extra-large box of wipes, nothing special about it.

As expected, you can open up the lid and pull out a few wipes to clean up your baby when she needs a change.

Anybody looking at the box would assume that it’s packed full of extra wet wipes from top to bottom.

The only distinguishing feature of the wipe box is the strange black cord that seems to be wrapped around the lid. More on that in a minute.

When Mom lifts up the lid to her project, she reveals what’s really going on underneath the surface.

Open her up and NOPE! The regular-sized wipes are held up there with a headband from the Dollar Tree. On top there, you see a disposable changing table cover.”

That’s right, there are wipes in the box, but only at the very top. It’s a small pack of wipes that can be aligned with the slit in the lid, and replaced whenever they need a refill.

Underneath, there’s a polka dot sheet for public changing tables.



But wait, there’s more!

Lift out that changing sheet, and you find even more baby supplies ready and waiting to be put to use!

Liz explains, “Take a peek under [the cover] and you have the diapers and clothes.”

All are neatly arranged, ready and waiting to deal with messy situations. 


She notes that, inside, “There are 5 diapers and an entire outfit for baby in case of blow out!”

She also adds:

Unroll them and you have a onesie and a pair of pants! My little one is still in 0-3m, so this won’t work as well when she gets older, but I’m pretty sure it should work for diapers of most sizes for quite a while.” 

We agree, this tactic is great for newborns with itty-bitty clothes and diapers, and could definitely be adapted to older kids.

For a toddler, we bet you could even fit a few Pull-Ups in there for potty-training accidents.

In fact, the whole box is basically a diaper bag in its own right.

If you’re on the go with your baby and don’t have time or space to pack the whole shebang, you could just prep one of these and throw it in a tote bag or backpack.

We also see this is an awesome idea for the car. Toss a few of these in the trunk, and one day, after a poop-in-the-pants disaster at the mall, you’ll be the supermom with a diaper “first aid”‘ kit ready to solve all your problems.

If you love this idea, be sure to check out The Painted Dragon for more inspiration, and don’t forget to SHARE this clever diaper bag trick with friends and family!