Pregnant Mom Goes Into Labor At Home, But Is Stunned When Dog Appears In Every Birth Photo

by Amy P
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In June 2018, Brooke Ellington went into labor at her home in Midland, Texas. Since it was a planned water birth, a birthing pool was set up in the family’s living room.

Brooke is a full-time mom and part-time doula who acts as a birthing companion for other pregnant women. She and her husband, Steven, also have two young sons, Boone and Boyd.

The family hired photographer Kristin Waner to capture the birth of Berkeley, the couple’s first daughter.

When Kristin arrived, she quickly realized there was one other family member whose presence would be paramount during the childbirth: a 1½-year-old corgi named Ranger.

Brooke says Ranger showed particular interest in the pregnancy from day one.

Still, when the photographer showed Brooke the finished gallery of birth photos, the beaming new mom took one look at the set and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Brooke Ellington recently delivered her third child and first daughter in a home water birth.

Brooke, who is a full-time mom and part-time doula, also shares two young sons with her husband.

The Texas family has one more family member: their 1½-year-old corgi, Ranger.

Ranger has always been Brooke’s constant companion.

Brooke hired photographer Kristin Waner, of Kristin Ann Photography, to capture Berkeley’s birth at the family’s home in Midland, Texas.

Kristin walked in and quickly realized Ranger’s prominent presence.

Ranger had always shown a particular interest in Brooke’s growing belly, apparently eagerly anticipating the arrival of his little sister.

But it wasn’t until Brooke first saw Kristin’s finished photographs of the birth that she realized the level of Ranger’s devotion.

As it turned out, Ranger appeared in each and every snapshot that day.

He labored with Brooke inside the bedroom, either faithfully by her side or under the bed while she breathed heavily on the floor.

Ranger was also there for his brothers during downtime and in between contractions.

When it finally came time for Brooke to push, Ranger made his way to the birthing pool, where he remained until Berkeley arrived.

“Even though Ranger was extra attentive during my pregnancy with Berkeley, it still came as a surprise to see how close he was to me during my labor,” Brooke told Caters.

“He was such a calming presence for me, because he would just stop by checking in and put his wet nose against my face,” Brooke told Parents.

“I would instantly relax when he sat by me, and I even remember talking to him in between contractions.

“I thought he would hide under the bed the whole time, but his loyalty to all of us during this process really shined.”

“The moment she was born, he jumped up on the birth pool and I introduced him to his little sister.”

“He was so curious and excited, he was sweet and was never in anyone’s way.”

“It seemed like he knew Berkeley was a new little baby and needed her space.”

Four months later, Ranger is just as in love with his sister as on the day she was born.

“He’s always been my little buddy and now he’s Berkeley’s,” Brooke says. “He follows her everywhere and keeps his eyes on her.”

The experiencing of capturing Berkeley’s birth — and Ranger’s calming, comforting, and consistent role — made a lasting impact on Kristin, the photographer.

“I pay more attention to the small things that I photograph now that I ignored before.

“You never know what can be special to some people that they haven’t noticed themselves yet.”