Devastated Mom Lost $10K Wedding Rings, Then Learns A 6-Year-Old Wanted To ‘Do The Right Thing’

by Amy Paige
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Caitlin Adkins planned to one day pass down her gorgeous set of wedding and engagement rings to her kids.

Not only are these diamonds sentimental, but they also cost her husband $10,000.

But visions of Caitlin’s lifelong wish came to a screeching halt when she took off her rings at a park in Dublin, Ohio. She placed them in her pocket, not wanting to get sunscreen on them.

When she got back home, however, she realized her rings were gone. She instantly panicked and became hysterical.

Caitlin asked her husband to return to the park and check the bathrooms — but the bathroom door was locked when he got there.

So he called the local police department.

Caitlin was at home, worried sick and sobbing in bed, when her husband called her with an update; the police said someone had turned in her rings at the station earlier that day.

She was so incredibly relieved and grateful to the person who found and turned in her wedding rings, especially since it was obvious they were so expensive.

Caitlin needed to know who returned the rings — and once she found out, her story took a truly heartwarming turn.

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