These Two ‘Bad’ Kids Had No Idea What This Detective Was About To Do For Them…

by Caitlin E. Harrington
Caitlin is an Arizona native currently residing in Phoenix. Pilates, cycling, cooking and watching YouTube beauty videos fill up her free time. Cute dogs are her weakness.

Typically, if you were to see the words “bad kids” and “detective” in the same sentence, you would probably gear up hear about crime and punishment.

But, the story of Pittsburg police detective Jack Mook is anything but typical.

Mook, a 22 year veteran of the police force is a self proclaimed “mans’ man,” spending his free time volunteering at a local gym where he acts as a boxing coach to underprivileged kids in the Pittsburg area.

Through his coaching, Mook had worked with lots of “street kids,” but two in particular, Josh and Jesse, were about to make a big impact on his life.

When these two brothers that Mook had trained and bonded with in the gym suddenly stopped showing up for their usual sparring, he knew something was up.

After talking to the older of the two brothers, he found out that their living situation was unacceptable, and he decided he would be the one to change it… by offering up his home and fostering the two boys.

Like the military father who has had to raise his daughter on his own, Mooks used his tough-guy attitude to take on the challenge.

While the detective learned pretty quickly how hard it is to be a single parent and balance homework with casework, he says his decision to take them in was the best decision he has made in his life… right behind the decision he made to officially adopt them in September of 2014 .

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