Mom Spots Son’s Stolen Bike In Online Listing, Then Puts Clues Together To Confront The Thief

by Mauricio Castillo
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After watching the video below, you might think that Carolynn Butko moonlights as a detective. Or perhaps she’s really Batman in disguise.

Regardless, the effort this mom put into finding her son’s stolen bike is truly remarkable!

“It was a Christmas gift last year. It was the only gift he got it. It was very expensive,” said Carolynn.

In fact, she paid more than $600 for her 14-year-old son Aidan’s bike. So when he came home and told her his bike had been stolen while he hung out with friends, they were both devastated.

She immediately filed a police report, providing the authorities with the receipt and serial number for the bike. Unfortunately, weeks went by with no sign.

So the detective mom decided to take matters into her own hands. Someone told her that they had seen the bike on a website called — the first clue.

Carolynn studied the listing of the bike and the photos, checking for any distinctive clue.

“He put it on a metal light pole and there’s only a couple of different areas that actually have those poles. You could see details of the backyard and details of the street,” she said.

She then searched the name of the seller, which created a trail of breadcrumbs that led her right to the alleged thief’s door!

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