Hospital Gowns Are Given Fun Makeovers For Children And Teens In Hospitals

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Hospital gowns are certainly not the most fun or flattering pieces of clothing. They’re bland, shapeless, and you can’t even wear pants with them.

For many, these gowns are a very temporary inconvenience that only needs to be worn for a few days.

But for others, they can be a very frequent, even permanent part of their lives.

For children, like these poor little patients, these hospital visits are particularly tough because they strip them of their time to be a kid at school or at home.

They also don’t get to dress in their own unique style, making it even harder for them to keep up their confidence during treatment.

But thanks to one nonprofit’s amazing new project, these kids are getting new gowns with a bit more pizzazz.

A group of designers are giving the gowns an upgrade with cool colors, prints, and fabrics, making the kids who wear them feel a bit more like themselves.

Check below to learn more about the initiative and see the kids’ cool new digs.

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For some children, being in a hospital gown can be a normal part of their lives.

Between the drab gray color of the gown and their lack of individuality, they can be a bit of a drag for kids to have to wear.

But Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has teamed up with several noted designers to transform the idea of the humdrum hospital gown.

Titled “Ward+Robes,” the initiative is helping brighten patients’ lives by taking gowns and turning them into something kids will actually like to wear.

The results are cool, colorfully printed smocks that can still be worn in a hospital, but better reflect each child’s unique personal style.

The fun frocks are definitely more stylish than their boring counterparts and feature prints, characters, and colors.

They also help the kids battling illnesses in the hospital feel more positive by letting them rock their personal style and adding a bit of fun to the otherwise dark hospital atmosphere.

These kids sacrifice enough of their childhood, having to devote playtime and school hours to visits with the doctor.

The project gives back a little bit of childhood that the hospital takes away.

Ward+Robes already launched in Ontario, and has seen a lot of success and smiles from their decked-out kid clients. 

They hope to spread the idea to more hospitals until every kid having to sacrifice their time and style to the hospital can, at least, wear their awesome outfits during treatment.

The project shows children that, although they have to spend time in the clinic, they can still express themselves and be proud of their personal style.

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