Las Vegas Couple With 14 Kids Has 4 Sets Of Multiples Back-To-Back — All Conceived Naturally

by Amy P
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Karen and Deon Derrico always wanted a big family, but having four sets of multiples back-to-back? They say it’s like “getting struck by lightning while getting struck by lightning.”

The Las Vegas couple has conceived all 14 of their children without the use of any fertility drugs.

First came their daughter, Darian. Derrick was born a few years later.

Then came their twins, Dallas and Denver. Karen and Deon weren’t surprised to learn they were having twins since they both come from large families with several sets of multiples.

Years later, Karen and Deon were shocked, however, to learn they were going to have quadruplets. But just before reality set in, the doctor called them back into the hospital room.

Another baby was discovered behind Karen’s breastbone… it wasn’t quadruplets; it was quintuplets!

The Derricos were determined to carry each of these five babies as close to full-term as possible.

Their doctor was blown away when Karen safely delivered all five babies without any complications.

With 11 kids, there were even more on the way…

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