Derek Jeter And His Wife Welcome Their Second Daughter To The Family

by Angela Andaloro

It looks like a rookie will be joining Team Jeter! Derek Jeter and his wife, Hannah Davis Jeter, have welcomed a little girl.

The news broke when media company The Players’ Tribune tweeted out congratulations to the former New York Yankees shortstop. “Congratulations Derek and Hannah on the birth of your second baby girl, Story Grey Jeter,” they tweeted. “Welcome to the family, #2.” Derek is a co-founder of the company.

Story Grey is the second little girl in the family. Derek and Hannah welcomed daughter Bella Raine in the summer of 2017. They are pretty private as a family, and Derek has joked about staying away from social media in the past.

Hannah has also publicly expressed disdain for social media and deleted all her accounts last October. Her pregnancy didn’t come with a public gender reveal or any cutesy posts as a result. Rather, it was first reported when she was seen out in September with a baby bump.

Derek and Hannah Jeter have so much to celebrate. The happy couple recently welcomed their second little girl into the world.

There’s no word on Story Grey Jeter’s official birthday yet. We learned of her entrance to the world thanks to The Player’s Tribune, a media website co-founded by Derek.

Story Grey rounds out the family of four. Derek and Hannah welcomed their other daughter, Bella Raine, in August 2017.

Fans of the former Yankees player and the Sports Illustrated alum learned of Hannah’s pregnancy in September. Derek and Hannah stepped out in New York City with Hannah’s bump on display just a month after Bella’s first birthday.

Derek spoke about being a father shortly before news of Hannah’s second pregnancy broke. He told Extra, “It’s awesome. Regardless of what happens in the course of a day, when you get home and you have your daughter there, it puts a smile on your face, so I have no complaints whatsoever.”

When it came to announcing that they were expecting their first child, Hannah took the reins. In an essay she penned for The Players’ Tribune, she discussed their expectations for what parenthood would bring.

The letter came just seven months after the couple tied the knot. They got married on July 9, 2016, in Napa Valley, California.

In the article, Hannah announced the big news and wrote about how excited she and Derek were.  She wrote, “Now, pregnant with our first child, Derek and I are looking to the future.”

Hannah continued by talking about some of the decisions they made about parenting ahead of welcoming their first child:

“We want our kids’ lives to be as ‘normal’ as possible. They’re going to be born into such an extraordinary situation. They’re going to have to be some strong little people. We don’t want them to be defined by their dad’s name — for them, we want him to just be ‘Dad.’ That will be the piece of him they’ll have that the rest of the world doesn’t. It will be special, and it will be theirs.”

Hannah and Derek knew the values they wanted to instill in their little ones early on. Hannah continued:

“Derek and I will want our children to understand that the lives they’ve been given are so fortunate, in so many ways. We’ll want them to learn to help others, and to care for others, and to give back to the world.”

She even joked about the possibility of a baseball legacy in the family. She closed the essay by writing, “And if they want to play baseball, well, we’re gonna have a little talk first.”

The happy pair, who have been together since 2012, are obviously very committed to raising children who are conscientious and strong. Their strong bond will undoubtedly lead their kids in the right direction.

Derek later talked about fatherhood with People, this time from a perspective of experience and anticipation.

While they were waiting to meet Story Grey, Derek told People, “Every day is something new. When the baby is born, you can’t wait for her to crawl, then you can’t wait for her to walk. Then, when she starts walking, she starts running, and when she starts running, you wish she wasn’t walking, running or crawling, you wish she’d stay still.”

Now, Derek and Hannah will get to experience all those exciting little moments again. This time, they’ll get to watch Bella learn to be a big sister to little Story. We’re sure there are many precious moments to come for this adorable family of four!