Deputy Reunites With The Little Boy He Saved Six Years Ago

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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There are many heroes among us. Heroes come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. We have small heroes, like children with big hearts.

No matter who they are, all of these heroes are tremendously brave people.

Six years ago, Orrlando Mayes, a Sacramento Sheriff Deputy, proved that he is a hero to the core. In June 2010, Anthony Alvarez took his baby cousin, Michael Pitman Jr., hostage. Alvarez was wanted for a string of robberies and the murder of an officer in the Bay Area of California. The standoff between Alvarez and police lasted two days, with Alvarez exchanging gunshots with Sacramento deputies.

The police stormed into the apartment at the 54-hour mark of the standoff and rescued Michael, killing Alvarez in the ensuing battle. Mayes was the deputy who carried Michael out, and the moment was very emotional for him. He rode with Michael to the hospital to make sure the baby was OK. Six years later, Michael was finally reunited with the man who saved his life and all the other deputies involved. It was a very touching moment to watch!

Watch the video below to see why Deputy Mayes is a hero! We have so many heroes in our country, like this police officer who saved an unresponsive toddler, and this officer who pulled over his cruiser and delivered a woman’s baby.

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