Man Rushes Into Office After Girlfriend Overdoses So 3 Dentists Work Tirelessly To Save Her Life

by Emerald Pellot
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Three South Carolina dentists are being applauded as heroes. During work hours, a man ran into West Columbia Family Dentistry.

“The gentleman ran in and asked us to call 911 because his phone was dead. He said his girlfriend was passed out in the truck, and [he] couldn’t wake her up,” Lisa Barton told WLTX. “Right away, I realized it was something really bad.”

The victim’s face had turned blue. She’d overdosed on opioids. Lisa called 911. Then, with assistance from Ginny Fadeley and Sabra Hayes, they tried to save the woman themselves.

“With her boyfriend’s help, we pulled her out of the truck and laid her on the ground. I started doing compressions, and Lisa started doing breaths,” Ginny said.

They got an AED from a nearby doctor’s office and used it on the woman to improve her vitals. The ambulance arrived after that, and an EMT administered Narcan.

“There was no other choice,” Ginny said.

Springdale Police Chief Kevin Cornett presented the dentists with a Letter of Commendation.

“These are dentists. While they have medical training, this isn’t something they see on a daily basis,” he said. “They’re amazing people, and their actions saved someone’s life.”

The West Columbia Family Dentistry has now ordered Narcan for their emergency kits, as well as an AED, just in case something like this happens again.

“I think God put him in the right place — and us in the right place to do what was needed at that particular time,” Lisa said.

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Footage and photos provided by WLTX Columbia

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