Teen Daughter Keeps Getting Thrown Out Of School Over Her Appearance Before Dad Fights Back

by Amy Paige
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Thirteen-year-old Demetra Alarcon attends middle school in California. Recently, her teacher pulled her out of class on a brutally hot day and said her romper was too short.

The teacher added that Demetra was a distraction to the boys at school.

Demetra’s dad, Tony, arrived to the school with a change of clothes for her, including a tank top and shorts. But again, the school wasn’t happy with that outfit, either; the shorts were too short, and Demetra was sent home.

“I mean, today it’s 90 degrees outside and she’s wearing leggings because she doesn’t want to be dress-coded for wearing shorts,” Tony told CBS. “And it’s not OK. It needs to change.”

Unsure of his next steps, Tony described the dress code situation on He was curious to see what members of his community had to say. He received a ton of support, especially from women who said Demetra’s story reminded them of their own body image issues.

“We have to have dress codes that are fair and reasonable and that don’t cause them emotional issues — cause them to question their bodies or feel like they’re sex symbols at 13 years old,” Tony said. “Because they’re not. They’re just kids.”

The frustrated father is now speaking out and standing up for his daughter. And there’s a chance it could have an impact in a big way, which you’ll see in the video below.

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