Engaged Couples Are Delaying Their Weddings For Financial Reasons Study Finds

by Morgan Greenwald
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A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life—and one of the most expensive. When you take into account the caterers, the dress, and the venue, things start to add up, and most people don’t have tens of thousands of dollars just laying around.

According to a new study conducted by engagement ring and loose diamond realtor, couples are increasingly putting off their nuptials for financial reasons. In fact, the study shows that a staggering one in three couples have had to delay their weddings due to money woes!

With couples spending slightly more on their proposals, it’s no surprise that they’re delaying their weddings to get their finances in order. Of the study participants, 33% had a photographer present for their engagement, a huge increase from just 10% a decade ago.

And while proposals in the past—not including the ring—only amounted to $271, they now average $452.

“A decade ago, proposals and engagements were not as meticulously planned as they are today,” said Co-Founder and President, Oded Edelman. “Things that were rare in the past, like having a photographer present or adding a personal touch to the ring, have now become the norm among our customers as a larger importance is placed on the proposal itself.”

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