Daughter Dies Suddenly — Two Months Later, Mom Gets A Special Message From Her

by Emerald Pellot
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Last September, 10-year-old Delaney Riley left home to go to school. When she suddenly died, doctors discovered she had an undetected heart defect.

While Delaney couldn’t have predicted the tragedy, it was something the young girl did earlier this year that is bringing her mother peace today.

On June 18, Delaney and her friend Abigail wrote a few letters, they put the messages in a bottle, and watched it drift into the ocean. They imagined it would float to some faraway place, instead fate carried it somewhere far more beautiful.

This November, two other best friends found the bottle — in it there was a phone number.

That’s when Debbie Watson, Abigail’s mother, got a text message that read, “We’d thought you’d like to know we found Delaney Riley’s message in a bottle. We’re two best friends…”

Debbie immediately called up Delaney’s mother, Chrissy — the message in the bottle had circled back to the grieving mother who needed one more piece of her little girl.

“That letter just showed it. That letter that she wrote showed her excitement about life. It was a whole page long and it was written like the way Delaney writes. She had a lot of dreams. She was going to be a residential architect. She was very intelligent; she was a very smart girl,” said Chrissy.

“She’s with us. She’s our angel watching us. It was a sign that she’s here with us, and a sign that we really needed.”

Even in tragedy, there are little glimmers of hope that remind us we’re not alone.

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