Injured Young Cow Finds A New Life Of Recovery And Love

by Courtney Wilkins
Courtney is a Writer and Jazz Singer living in NYC. She graduated from University of Florida in Political Science and Journalism. A craft-beer connoisseur, she also likes dark chocolate and loves to dance.

Fawn, a Jersey milk cow, got a life-threatening infection after a fall, which caused her a debilitating deformation which would made her future incredibly doubtful.

Fawn was born to a milk production company, but her purpose in life far exceeded what appeared to be dismal. While in a mass-producing milk farm, she fell and fractured her front leg. As a result of the fall, an infection grew that even antibiotics couldn’t cure. This farm animal probably didn’t have a chance for life.

She could no longer walk on three legs to support her body weight, so she begin to walk on her front knees. As she grew, her legs became deformed and her life span shorter.

Fawn did not give up, and neither did the hardworking staff at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. The shelter took her to Cornell Hospital where the vet surgeons there operated on her legs. Fawn now wears braces, and she is slowly getting use to her new legs with daily physical therapy.

Thanks to the hardworking people at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Fawn is on her way to long, but fulfilling recovery. Her story just goes to show that abused or injured farm animals can be aided back to a healthy and functioning life.

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