Widower Saves Fawn Dying On The Road. Now, The Little Deer Acts Just Like A Dog

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When I think of deer, I don’t think of pets. Instead, I think of animals that I have to watch out for while driving on the highway, in case they run out in front of my car!

However, one Englishman named John Slater may have just changed my mind.

John, a 63-year-old widower who lives in Wiltshire, noticed a deer lying a pool of blood on the side of the road. He thought the poor deer was dead — but then he heard her whining.

John felt he couldn’t just leave her there to die, so he placed her inside his car and brought her back to his house, hoping he could nurse her back to health.

According to Inside Edition, John bought as many books as he could find on taking care of deer.

Amazingly, he ended up saving her precious life.

He’s named the deer Strawberry, and she lives with John and his two dogs, a pony, and a retired racing pigeon.

Strawberry loves her home with John and their many pets. She has her own shed in the backyard to sleep in when it’s warm out. When it’s too cold, she sleeps in the house.

The cutest part? Strawberry gets in and out of the house through the doggy door.

Check out the video below to meet the adorable Strawberry and learn about the cute trouble she gets herself into, and please SHARE this precious rescue story on Facebook!

Thumbnail Photo: SWNS

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