Personal Trainer Poses For 2 Photos In The Same Outfit To Show How Social Media Can Be Deceptive

by Angela Andaloro

Our social-media-driven world can be a hard place to live. For years, magazines and TV shows have displayed celebrities and the luxuries they have, allowing them to craft the perception of what their day-to-day lives are like, even if it isn’t how they really live.

Social media has given a similar power to the average person. Our perceptions of one another are more fluid than ever, as someone can delete a photo or an event or a person from their lives in a series of clicks.

Some find it empowering to gain control of their narrative on social media and don’t think of how it can affect others. As a society, there’s no question that social media has turned us into more self-involved people. We now care more about what others think than at any other time in history.

It can be hard for the most vulnerable among us, who feel the need to live up to ideals that no one could realistically attain. One woman decided to use that power to tell a story of her own — one we can all learn from.

It’s summertime, and the endless barrage of bikini pics might have some of us feeling less than beach-ready.

This is Rini Frey, a recovery and body confidence coach with over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Rini is dedicated to spreading the message of health and body positivity after overcoming an eating disorder.

It’s no secret that social media makes many women feel like they need to work toward an unattainable body type.

"The pictures of 'perfect bodies' you see on Instagram… Don’t let them get you down."

"The pictures of 'perfect bodies' you see on Instagram… Don’t let them get you down."

Rini shared a powerful image showing her body in two different ways, on the same day, in the same outfit. Her message about ‘Instagram bodies’? Not everything you see is as it is.

“Most of them don’t represent reality, and if they do, it doesn’t mean that these bodies belong to a healthy and happy human,” she wrote.

She makes a point of showing pictures of herself at the height of her clean eating, meal planning, and malnourishment. She might have the body many aspire to, but she was unhappy and unhealthy.

Rini believes depriving your body of certain cravings will leave you unsatisfied, resulting in more hunger. Developing a healthy relationship where foods aren’t “good” or “bad” is key.

Developing a healthier relationship with food will help you develop a healthier relationship with your body. You’ll stop obsessing over the body you should have and start loving the body you do have.

Trying to maintain diets that are promoted online can lead to a cycle of self-disappointment because they’re never as easy as they seem. Instead, setting realistic goals to live healthily will result in much less guilt.

“I happen to know how to pose in a way that makes my body look smaller AND I always include the “real life” version of my body in the same picture, BECAUSE I want you to stop hating your body for not looking like an Instagram body on your explore page,” Rini wrote in another of her body-positive posts.

Her followers are thankful for her realness.

Her followers are thankful for her realness.

The refreshing message of listening to, loving, and appreciating the work your body does has resonated with Rini’s many followers.

In a world where we’re learning and experiencing more diverse foods than ever, demonizing food makes you feel like you’re missing out. Instead, learning about and appreciating food can help you take major strides.

Anyone can be taught how to achieve a “look” for a picture. Anyone can eat something that’s Instagram-friendly. Is any of it worth it at the expense of your self-esteem?

We give major props to Rini for sharing her journey with her followers. It takes a lot to tackle the food and fitness myths that run rampant online today. We hope that more fitness figures will take her approach and encourage people to be their best selves rather than their smallest selves.