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Owners Decide To Euthanize Emaciated Pit Bull Before Vet Steps In To Save Him Instead

by Lindsey Smith
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Things were looking grim for a 5-year-old pit bull named Debo who was brought to the Lesslie Animal Hospital in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

His owners surrendered him to the hospital so he could be euthanized instead of paying for surgery to treat his health issues.

“A few weeks back, we were contacted by our rescue vet, Dr. Setzer, to ask if we could help a dog in need,” Suzanne Blocker, the vice president and co-founder of Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue, told LittleThings. “This dog was brought in emaciated with horrible eye and ear infections, and heart worms. The owner wanted to euthanize him.”

The good news was that the pit bull’s conditions were treatable. But when his owner insisted that he just be put down, Dr. Setzer and Suzanne took matters into their own hands.

Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue helped raise funds to pay for the pit bull’s medical bills.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Debo and see his amazing transformation.

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Dr. Setzer wanted to help a pit bull that was surrendered to the Lesslie Animal Hospital.

Debo was brought in with horrible abscesses on his face.

He was also seriously emaciated and clearly needed a lot of love.

Instead of putting him down like the owner wanted, Dr. Setzer contacted Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue to help save him.

Suzanne Blocker, vice president and co-founder of Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue, knew she wanted to help the pit bull.

“Knowing these were all things that could be treated and the dog would recover. Dr. Setzer called to see if we’d consider taking the dog in under our rescue,” Suzanne told LittleThings.

Dr. Setzer and Suzanne were not going to let Debo be put down, so they started raising money to pay his bills.

“I posted a fund raiser for Debo on my personal Facebook page and raised over $1,000 for his care in just a few hours,” Suzanne told LittleThings. “Debo stayed at Lesslie Animal Hospital for a couple weeks while we networked for a foster home for him and he received treatment.”

All of Debo’s ailments, including an infection in both ears, were treated by Dr. Setzer and his team.

“Dr. Setzer knew Debo could be saved and go on to live a healthy life,” Suzanne told LittleThings.

It’s thanks to that optimism that the veterinarian and the rescue center could turn this pit bull’s life around.

“Debo is blossoming in his foster home and is a happy, smiley boy,” Suzanne told LittleThings.

Debo was put into a loving foster home after being treated by Dr. Setzer.

“He has been with Kristen (his foster mom) now for a couple weeks and already has gained a healthy weight. He now weighs 68 pounds!” Suzanne told LittleThings.

It’s all thanks to amazing people like Suzanne and Dr. Setzer, who give dogs a second chance at life.

Suzanne told LittleThings that many rescue centers need funding and foster homes to continue to do amazing things like this.

“So many rescues need funding to save more dogs! The number one need over money is foster homes. Rescues need fosters to save dogs,” she told LittleThings. “By opening up your home to a foster dog, it allows rescues to pull more and more dogs from high kill shelters. Fostering saves lives!”

Courtesy of Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue

“Rescuing isn’t always easy, but it’s so rewarding to see the transformation that so many of our medical-needs dogs have made,” Suzanne told LittleThings. “Debo is the perfect example of what rescue is all about.”

If you or someone you know would be interested in adopting Debo, you can contact Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue here.

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