The Super Bloom In Death Valley Could Be A Once In A Lifetime Experience

by Grace Eire
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Death Valley, located in Eastern California, is the lowest, driest, and hottest place in the United States.

The national park also holds the record for the highest reliably-recorded air temperature, clocking in at 134 °F in 1913. It’s a beautiful stretch of dunes, mountains, and a bevy of amazing  desert sights to see… but it’s called Death Valley for a reason. 

It takes very specific conditions for any foliage to be able to grow in the valley. The incredibly dry environment alone makes it very difficult for plants to flourish. While there are usually sporadic blooms of flowers throughout all months of the year, it’s incredibly rare to see much more than that.

However, when the conditions are just right, and mother nature mixes up her life-elixir just so, Death Valley experiences what’s called a “super bloom.”

There is always an abundance of seeds throughout the valley, but it’s very difficult for them to sprout most years. But this year? It turns out the environment was just right. Alan Van Valkenburg, a Death Valley park ranger, explains that this beautiful phenomenon only happens about one time per decade.

Now that’s truly spectacular.

Normally, the aptly-named Death Valley consists mainly of sand, soil, and the very, very occasional shrub.

It’s an incredible sight in its own right, with the wide expanses of flat, dry land, leading to mountains on the horizon.

The road ahead goes on and on, with essentially no signs on life in sight.

But every once in a blue moon, you’ll be able to see something totally extraordinary… and Alan Van Valkenburg is just the right guy to introduce you to it.

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SUPER BLOOM: In what could be a rare "super bloom," Death Valley is transforming from a valley of death to a valley of life. “If you get the chance to see a bloom in Death Valley, especially a super bloom, you should take the opportunity to see it because it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.” — Park Ranger Alan Van Valkenburg[Video: Death Valley National Park/ National Park Service]

Posted by NBC Bay Area on Friday, February 26, 2016