Dad Of 2 Cats Is Convinced Ghost Is Haunting Their Apartment, So He Shares Scary Evidence Online

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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I love a good ghost story.

In movies and in books, there’s nothing more entertaining than a good scare.

But in real life? I’m sure I’d immediately run away if I ever suspected, even for a second, that I was somewhere haunted.

New Yorker Adam Ellis is pretty certain his apartment is haunted by a creepy ghost boy called “Dear David.”

It all started with a dream, though Adam believes that Dear David has crossed over from his dream into reality — and he’s scared the ghost is now after him.

Strange things keep happening to Adam, and even his cats are worried about something. Adam moved apartments, but he can’t seem to escape this ghost!

Keep reading to hear Adam’s story of Dear David. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight!

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Meet Adam Ellis. Adam is a comic book writer/illustrator living in New York City. Recently, some spooky stuff has been going on in his apartment.

adam's first tweet

In early August, Adam posted a pretty worrisome Tweet to his followers.

Adam's drawing of Dear David

Adam, who often experiences sleep paralysis, says that he started seeing a strange ghost boy in his dreams. The ghost boy was sitting in a rocking chair at the foot of Adam’s bed. After a few moments, the ghost boy began “shambling” toward Adam’s bed — but he woke up screaming just before the ghost reached him. Adam drew a picture of the ghost for his followers.


Adam was unnerved. A few nights later, he had another dream. In this dream, a young girl approached Adam in a library. She asked, “You’ve seen Dear David, haven’t you?”


The girl in the library explained to Adam that Dear David is a ghost who appears only at midnight. She said you can ask David any questions you want, but you must begin the question with “Dear David.” She also said to never ask Dear David more than two questions, under any circumstances. The next time David appeared in a dream, Adam asked the ghost two questions about how he died. David told him a shelf fell on top of him. Then, Adam asked a third question — but woke up before David answered.


Unexpectedly, the apartment above Adam’s became vacant. It was much bigger than the one Adam lived in, so he moved. He was also thankful that moving meant Dear David would leave him alone. For a while, he was ghost free. But then, strange things started happening. Most notably, his cats would crowd by the door at midnight, meowing at nothing. This began to happen every single night, almost exactly at midnight.

After a few nights of this odd behavior, Adam decided to investigate. He was too scared to actually go outside because there was no one else on the same floor as him, so he snapped two pictures through his peephole. At first, he thought there was nothing there — but then he noticed something in the middle of the frame, where the shelf meets the stairs. In one photo, there’s a black shape. In the next, taken immediately after, it’s gone.

adam's cat

After seeing that creepy shape, Adam dead-bolted the door and ran to bed. His cats continued to meow at the door — and whatever was on the other side of it.

adam and cats

What do you think? Should Adam and his cats be scared of Dear David? Or was there something else outside the door?

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