Mom Tells Coworker She’s Struggling, But Has No Idea He’s Her Boss In A Wig

by Emerald Pellot
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Deanna hasn’t had it easy, but she credits her job at the Coffee Bean with saving her life. Deanna overcame a terrible drug habit after dropping out of school in the 10th grade.

Now she is a single mother, and her two children are her one and only priority.

The CEO of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, John Fuller, disguised himself to get to know his employees for the television series Undercover Boss.

With a long white wig and hat, John went undercover as Deanna’s trainee. John proved to be a terrible employee, yet Deanna was patient and calm with him. She always provided service with a smile and when John held things up, she gave every customer a free gift card.

While making small talk with John, she revealed her struggles as a single mother, that her father had just died of cancer, and that she herself was fighting liver cancer.

When John asked her why she didn’t go back to school to get a better education, Deanna replied that she would rather save up to send her kids to college than worry about herself.

Soon after, John took off his fake hair and revealed who he really was. He gave Deanna $20,000 and set up a $40,000 college fund for her two children. He also made her an incredible deal: He said he would help her get her high school diploma, then would give her another $10,000 upon completion.

John is clearly Deanna’s guardian angel. After overcoming so much adversity in her life, this single mom — like most parents — definitely could use the extra support.

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