DeafBlind Baby Is Off To A Good Start Surrounded By Her Loving Family

by Paul Morris
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The Vollmar family is just like any other family you might meet in the United States. They have an adorable home, their kids go to school, and most importantly, mom and dad love their children very much.

When their newest baby, Clarisa, was born last year, they were overjoyed at how perfect she was, just like any other family in your neighborhood would be.

However, there is one little difference that might make a lot of people view them as “different;” it’s the fact that everyone in the whole family is deaf. Mom, Dad, and all the kids. The deaf community has grown in its sense of pride over the years and has a very strong support system and culture of its own.

The whole family doesn’t even view themselves as disabled because they’re really not.

But for little Clarisa, she came out a little bit different from her family. That’s because she was born deaf, as well as completely blind. Make sure to follow Clarisa’s Facebook page for her continuing story!

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Less than a month before birth, parents Justin and Rachel Vollmar had no idea their baby was going to be blind and deaf. There was a good possibility she wouldn’t be able to hear, but the deaf community is proud and incredibly supportive of each other.

But it seems like the odds threw something into the equation that no one would have expected.

While certainly beautiful, Clarisa was born blind and deaf.

Many babies who deal with such a condition have a few months or even years of sight. Even Helen Keller didn’t lose her sight until she was a toddler, allowing her to at least grasp what the world is, and understand the meaning of words and language.

But Clarisa was born into a dark and quiet place.

How would she learn anything? How would she be able to function as a human being without knowing what a human being was?

At first, it seems that Clarisa will be doomed to live a life of complete and total isolation, that she’ll be alone and scared, that we should pity her for her “disabilities.”

And while many of us would assume that a child being born deaf and blind would be a catastrophic thing, it seems that little Clarisa was born into the right family, one that approaches this situation with logic.

After studying up on her condition, they quickly realized that the best way was through a tactile approach.

This beautiful girl wasn’t blind and deaf, she wasn’t deaf and blind; she was DeafBlind. This identifies her as part of the community of people who are joining a movement that focuses on touch and tactile learning.

While it might sound confusing at first, the whole process makes total sense. A baby who can hear will slowly expand their vocabulary by listening to their parents speak and show them things. They’ll say “water” while splashing water.

For Clarisa, it isn’t much different; dad will give her a kiss, food, or sprinkle water on her and use sign language. Starting at such a young age is similar to how a baby learns language and how to speak.

While it might be a bit difficult for people who can hear and see to wrap their heads around it, just think how it’s probably just as difficult for Clarisa to think of a world any different than her own. Just because we can’t easily understand what she’s going through, it doesn’t make her an object of pity. Her family doesn’t view her as anything other than their little girl.

It’s true that she has a different process of learning, but something tells us that with her big sisters and amazing mom and dad, she’s going to have a pretty interesting life.

And at the end of the day, being surrounded by the people you love and who love you back, is about as “normal” as you can get.

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