Deaf Dog Can’t Hear His Owner’s Command, But He Knows What To Do In Sign Language

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Communication is such a fascinating concept.

We speak to each other using languages we were taught when we were young, while people around the world are doing the same thing with completely different sound combinations.

We can talk to someone who is fluent in a totally different language and not be able to properly exchange one thought.

Alternatively, we can make signs with our hands to indicate what we want, and some of the gestures will be universally understood.

That’s what makes sign language so interesting: it’s a way to communicate clearly and fully without using your voice. It is so transcendental, in fact, that we can even communicate with animals in some capacity.

Anyone who has ever done doggy-obedience training knows that there are usually hand signs that go along with a command you want your canine to do.

This is useful for pups who can’t hear like Max the Great Dane in the clip below. 

Although he is deaf and can’t hear commands, his owner can use hand signals to command him.

Using her fingers, she is able to tell the deaf dog to speak — and he understands perfectly!

The amazing clip proves that communication and understanding go beyond what comes from our mouths.

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