Boy Born With Cerebral Palsy Overcomes Disability To Become A Champion

by Paul Morris
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When you first meet 9-year-old Brannen Waldeck, it’s hard to believe that not too long ago he was being mocked by bullies because of his legs.

At the age when most babies begin to learn how to walk, little Brannen could hardly maintain his balance before falling forward into his dad’s arms. When this kept happening, his parents feared something was wrong before finally learning that their little son was suffering from spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that affects his legs and the lower half of his body.

While most children his age were busy running and playing, Brannen was spending time in the hospital undergoing major surgery on his legs.

His recovery process was slow but sure; his walking became a bit better, but was still delayed compared to the other children.

After months and month of rehabilitation, health insurance deductible concerns, laughter, tears, and doctor and hospital visits, Brannen’s legs and balance finally seemed to be improving.

Sadly, the troubles didn’t stop there: A group of elementary school bullies approached him and began to tease Brannen about the way he walked and the things he had trouble with. “I don’t think that’s fair!” the young boy stated.

But as Brannen began to get stronger, he decided to join Champions Sports Performance Gym — not only to keep his body in shape, but to make him even stronger than the other boys! In just a few years, this inspirational kid went from being wheelchair-bound to being able to lift 130 pounds, now that’s what we call overcoming adversity!

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