Son Who Grew Hair Out For 3 Years After Dad’s Cancer Diagnosis Finally Gets It Chopped Off On TV

by Jess Butler
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When David and his sister, Leandra, learned about their father’s cancer diagnosis in 2014, they decided to do something special to support him. They both started a fundraiser for him and promised to shave their heads if they accumulated enough money.

They surpassed their goal and kept their promise by shedding every strand of hair on their heads.

Since that day, David hadn’t cut his hair at all. He let his locks grow long and luscious for three years, but people began mistaking him for a woman. So, he decided it was time for another big chop — in front of Rachael Ray’s live audience!

In the video below, David sits down on the Rachael Ray Show stage and looks ready for his new haircut.

Special guest and celebrity stylist Tabatha Coffey pulls his strands back into a ponytail before excitedly slicing through David’s hair with her shears. She actually struggles a bit with the haircut, because his mane is so thick!

Soon, Tabatha cuts through the last few strands of David’s hair and holds up a long, brown ponytail like a prize.

David looks so different after his haircut, but he becomes unrecognizable after a complete makeover on the show.

Check out David’s final look in the video below, and please SHARE if you think David and his sister did a very honorable thing for their dad!

Thumbnail Photo: Rachael Ray Show

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