Dad Has No Clue Daughter He Hasn’t Seen In 10 Years Is Inside Huge Blue Box He’s About To Open

by Mauricio Castillo
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Take my word for it, folks: You’re gonna need the tissues for this one.

We’ve seen many unique ways in which friends and family members surprise their loved ones.

This big brother tricked his sibling into thinking he had received a huge package, when he was actually hiding inside it.

We love these reveals because they touch our hearts to see loved ones reunited. The surprise in the video below is no different.

The clip is set at the birthday party of baby Aaron, with many family members and friends showing up to celebrate.

The person behind the camera points out a massive, rectangular box wrapped in bright-blue, polka-dotted paper.

The people in the video are mostly Spanish speakers. The host of the party, a clown, begins to set the scene: “Who loves surprises! Who wants to open this huge gift? Or rather, what could be inside it?”

He instantly chooses Aaron’s dad, a young man, and tells him the gift was prepared with lots of love for that special day. Aaron begins trying to unwrap the huge gift, but suddenly, the box itself begins to rise!

It’s then that a little girl’s voice can be heard screaming “Daddy!”

The box is lifted up completely, and the young man’s daughter reveals herself, her face a mixture of emotions, and Dad instantly pulls her in for an embrace.

Everyone in the room begins to shed tears. The host asks the Dad if he has any words, but he is rendered speechless, unable to separate from his long-lost daughter.

This video was uploaded by the Sister Forever YouTube channel. In the comments, we learn that the daughter had been living in Cuba and hadn’t seen her dad for the last 10 years.

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