Mom Loses It In Restaurant When Her Daughter Surprises Her After A 10-Month Deployment

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Sandra O’Hara was deployed for 10 months for the first time. She had never been away from her family for so long.

Sandra was stationed in South Korea and supposed to stay for a full year, but when she realized how much she missed her family, she decided to take a mid-tour so that she could see them without waiting for an entire year.

When she was finally able to come home, she only told her dad and a few friends who could pick her up from the airport. Thankfully, they were all very secretive. When Sandra finally got home, she was determined to surprise her mom and sister at Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

And when she arrived, she snuck around the tables until she finally spotted them, and then came their reactions: the tears, screams, jaw-drops, absolute shock and joy were all incredible to watch unfold.

Sandra clearly made her mom and sister happy with this surprise, and you can tell from their hugs that they never want to let go!

A family is a precious thing. Never take the time that you have with your loved ones for granted — not everyone is so lucky to have countless moments like these! There’s nothing stronger than a mother and a daughter’s love, I think this video is a prime example of that.

If I go more than two weeks without my mom, I miss her. I could never imagine a whole year.

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