Dad Is Losing His Eyesight. After 2 Years Apart, He’s Unaware Daughter Is Posing As His Waitress

by Amy Paige
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Myles Offer, 78, was recently diagnosed with macular degeneration. It’s the leading cause of irreversible vision loss and results in distorted eyesight or total loss in the center of one’s field of vision.

The more his eyesight slips away, the more depressed he feels — which is why Myles’ daughter, whom he hadn’t seen in two years, decided to make a grand gesture on Father’s Day.

Kristinia secretly flew to Austin, Texas, from her home in Denver, Colorado. She organized a big surprise with the help of her mother and the staff at Myles’ favorite Italian restaurant.

She hoped this surprise would help pull her dad out of his funk.

When Myles, her mom, and their friend arrived at the restaurant and took their seats, Kristinia was right there to greet them … while pretending to be their server.

“So how can I help you guys?”

Though she was standing directly over him, Myles still didn’t realize his server’s identity; he couldn’t really see her. So she continued the ruse.

“Actually, we have a surprise for you today. We have pickled pig feet pizza on the house — is our special. Is that something you’d be interested in? Pickled pigs feet pizza?”

Myles gave an unenthusiastic response to the offer, still unaware that his daughter was inches away.

Watch the amazing moment he realizes his Father’s Day just got a whole lot better.

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