Mom’s Home Video Reveals How Baby Daughter With No Arms Uses Her Feet To Feed Herself

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Not all births are normal: Over the course of nine months, anything can happen in the womb. While most babies are carried to term, some babies arrive prematurely.

And while most children are born with all four limbs and all their little fingers and toes accounted for, some are not.

Of course, most parents would be concerned about how these kids will fare as adults. Without these crucial parts of their bodies, will they need assistance for the rest of their lives? Will they be hindered by their disability, prevented from performing certain basic tasks?

One mom’s toddler is answering those questions: no.

Elmira Knutzen’s daughter Vasilina was born with no arms.

With her young age and disability, one might assume that she would have difficulty even eating.

But in the footage captured by her mom, the child shows that she found a way to eat all by herself, and her technique is absolutely mind-blowing.

Elmira Knutzen’s daughter Vasilina was born with no arms, and a malformation of her hands.

The toddler still needs help performing certain basic tasks.

But she’s proving that eating isn’t one of them!

In a home video, the little girl uses her feet to feed herself. She nimbly grabs the fork with her toes, and expertly puts the food into her mouth. This must have taken a lot of practice!

So far, the video has over 58 million views, and well over 1 million shares!

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