Mom Has The Sweetest Reaction When Her Daughter Surprises Her With A Visit

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Growing up and leaving our parents’ house is one of the most difficult stages of life for everyone involved.

I’m not just talking about heading off to college and coming home every summer (or every time you need to do laundry!), but when you’ve finally made the decision to embark on your own path in life in your own separate home. I remember bawling like a baby when I had to say goodbye to my mom before catching a flight to New York City!

For mom Donna and her daughter, Kaila, the situation was sort of in reverse. Instead of Kaila moving on from their hometown in Michigan, it was Donna who reconnected with her long-lost love, Richard, and soon relocated to his home in California.

The mom and daughter of course make tons of plans to visit each other, and the bond between them is far stronger than any amount of miles could ever mess with, but it’s never easy to be away from loved ones for so long.

That’s why Kaila and Richard decided to plan a huge surprise for their favorite lady. With Donna completely unaware, Kaila booked a flight, hopped on a shuttle to their house, and waited anxiously with Richard for her mom to come home. When she walks in the door, it’s clear she has no idea what was happening as she asks Richard why he’s filming. But when she turns the corner and spots her baby girl, the waterworks start! I have to admit, I totally teared up watching their reunion, too!

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I booked a trip to California, took a shuttle from the airport to the house, sat around with Richard for a while, filled with excitement... She didn't suspect a thing the whole time!I surprised my mom today at her house when she got home from work!! I love you so much mom and I just couldn't wait any longer!!! <3<3

Posted by Kaila Marie on Friday, October 9, 2015