Violinist Starts Playing On The Street, Then Stranger Breaks Into Breathtaking Ballet Routine

by Megan Wrappe
Megan is a writer from North Carolina who loves sports, sees way too many Broadway shows, and loves a good adventure! When she's not writing, you can find her curled up in bed with a Jane Austen book.

Most of the time, musicians who play on street corners or in subways don’t get much attention. Everyone is so busy going places, they forget to stop and listen to them.

But one family couldn’t help but stop when they heard a violinist playing on an Italian street corner. With some encouragement from her dad, one dancer impressed passersby with her beautiful ballet skills.

A father and his two daughters were in awe of an Italian violinist who was playing on the street they were walking down. Like a few other people, they were impressed with his beautiful music and decided to stop and listen.

But the dad wasn’t happy with just listening.

He begins speaking to his daughter urgently, as if he wants her to do something.

“Yalla, yalla,” he says to her, which is Arabic for “Hurry up.”

After assuring her that she hears him, his daughter breaks out into a beautiful ballet spin and eloquently slips out of her flip-flops to dance in the middle of the street.

She prances and pirouettes all across the pavement, not even caring if anyone stops to see her. Her moves match perfectly with the violinist, and she shows complete control and poise throughout her routine.

After a few gorgeous turns and pirouettes, she falls to the ground and makes elongated and graceful arm gestures before spinning back up to dance on her tiptoes.

As the violinist finishes his song, she bows to him and thanks him for his wonderful playing, and she receives a round of “bravos” from the little crowd that has gathered.

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