Young Daughter Acts Strange And Begs Dad To Take Her To The ER Before Doctors Find A Huge Tumor

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

5-year-old Reese Park’s parents describe her as quiet and strong. She’s the second oldest of their six children.

But last July, Brad Park saw his daughter acting strange and out of character. She was crying on the floor. She was begging him to take her to the hospital.

Not knowing what was wrong, Brad piled his six kids into their car and went to the ER where his wife, Deidre, met the family. Doctors examined the little girl and had a heartbreaking diagnosis for the parents: there was a giant rumor on Reese’s kidney.

Deidre is an ultrasound technician but she was still in shock when she saw the images taken of her daughter’s cancer.

She said, “They said it was a Wilm’s tumor. I was unsure what that meant at that point, even though I’d studied about it and read.”

Since her diagnosis, Reese has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Her tumor presented a challenge for doctors, as it had ruptured before they could remove it. This meant that cancerous cells had spilled into her tiny body.

Reese is expected to continue these treatments through the winter, but things are already looking up: her final treatments are scheduled for February, and doctors are confident that she will soon lead a normal life cancer-free.

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Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City

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