Cop Has Dash Cam Rolling When He Spots Toddler Running By Himself On Busy Highway

by Amy P
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Sgt. Anthony Mannino, a 25-year veteran of the Naperville Police Department in Illinois, was driving along Route 59.

It began as any other day as Anthony conducted his routine traffic check.

Then he saw something in the distance.

At first, Anthony thought it was a dog running along the busy highway. But as he drove closer to the strange figure, he was shocked to discover it was a little boy, running all alone along the roadside as cars and large trucks whizzed past. At one point, the 1-year-old boy began veering into the traffic.

The first thing that came to Anthony’s mind was his own kids — his twin boys whom he’s constantly worried about.

Anthony’s sense of urgency kicked into high gear, as did his quick thinking. With his dash cam rolling, the veteran sergeant snapped into action — and he was awarded his department’s “Life Saving Award” for the life he saved that day.

According to the Naperville Police Department, the boy lived a couple of blocks away and had wandered out of his home when his mother wasn’t looking. He had reportedly been gone only a few minutes when the heroic officer found him.

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