Man Thinks Dropping 400 Pounds Will Silence Bullies Until They Start Mocking Him For Loose Skin

by Jess Butler
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Darin was bullied for countless reasons as a teen, but he was mostly tortured for his weight. The stress and sadness he experienced caused him to eat more and more until he reached 545 pounds.

Then, he decided to make a change and lost 400 pounds. He thought his weight loss would silence his bullies once and for all, but he was wrong.

Although he only weighed about 145 pounds after his transformation, bullies continued targeting him for his looks. They would bring attention to Darin’s loose skin and make him feel just as self conscious as before.

Darin became a nutritionist and was just starting to feel confident, but those comments still stung.

So, he asked the hosts of The Doctors for help on January 8, 2018.

In the video below, Darin explains, “I finally healed by writing all the people that did me wrong — whether that be family or whatever — thank you letters because it’s at that point they had to break me to become who I am now,” adding, “I had to forgive them to forgive myself.”

Next, he tells the hosts about his grief and says, “I still get bullied, it causes a smell. I have extra skin. People come up to me in public and ask me what it is like, ‘Oooh, are you going through a transformation? What’s wrong with you? Are you dying?'”

After the hosts hear about Darin’s woes, they decide to give him a gift that will leave his bullies speechless — and make him feel incredible.

Check out Darin’s special surprise in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re proud of him for taking control of his life!

Thumbnail Photo: The Doctors

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