Desperate Man Sobs When Houseboat Is Swept Away In Blizzard Then Stranger Offers A Hotel Room

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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There are lots of things to worry about when a blizzard hits, from making sure the roads are safe to keeping stray animals out of the cold.

But have you ever thought about making sure boats don’t get stuck in the frozen water?

People with boats often choose to dock them during storms, but some people also take their boats out of the water to be safe. Danny Davis, a 53-year-old from New Jersey, decided to leave his boat — which is also his house — docked along the Navesink River.

Danny probably expected his boat to get knocked around a little bit during the recent blizzard that hit the Northeast, but he never expected the storm to totally sweep his entire home away.

The storm was so strong that Danny’s houseboat came loose and was swept away into the Sandy Hook Bay. While having your boat swept away is bad enough, things only got worse for Danny when the bay froze over.

Danny’s houseboat was left trapped in the middle of the frozen water.

The vessel is Danny’s only home, so he and his dogs are living in a van at the moment. Desperate to get his houseboat back, Danny said: “That’s my life, that’s my dream. It’s the only place I can afford life.”

He’s still hopeful, though, saying: “I can get it back, it’s still out there. A lot of people are worse off than I am. I will get my vessel back, hopefully. She’s still afloat.”

Reports say that someone has offered to pay for a hotel room for Danny while he waits for the ice to melt. Hopefully, spring will come soon for Danny.

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