Simon Is Bored By Teen In Suit, But Then Singer Grabs The Microphone To Belt Out Soulful Lyrics

by Ana Luisa Suarez
Ana is an Associate Editor who loves animals and food. A good taco and a snuggle with her dogs is all she needs.

When going on a reality competition show, if Simon Cowell is one of the judges, chances are there will be criticism.

The former American Idol judge and X-Factor creator has made a bit of a name for himself for being picky and harsh when it comes to his comments.

Sometimes, contestants come on shows just hoping Simon will chew them out, while others pray they can win him over.

When Daniel Joyner hit the America’s Got Talent stage, surely he wanted Simon to like him. But at first, it seemed that Simon could not bother being interested in Daniel.

Like many before him, Daniel decided to wow the judges by picking a classic song. He chose to sing Otis Redding’s hit, “Try A Little Tenderness.”

At first, it is clear Daniel has a good voice, but when he gets into the song, his soulfulness is on full display, and even Simon cannot deny that Daniel is good! He quickly goes from looking bored to looking impressed.

You can watch Simon’s change in attitude and hear if the judges give him a yes or no, in the video below! What did you think of his performance?

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